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The woke President of the university has made DEI the priority for the school, which has made it a hostile workplace for white males and even white females. Required training in CRT, constant emails to faculty and staff with a far-left screed, new hires based upon race, firings based upon race, the entire CRT agenda. An Athletic Director fired because he is a white male, and replaced of course with a woke, far left black male. The #2 person in the Athletic Department pushed out because he is a white male, white male coaches now pushed out, etc. The University is a total disaster and breaking civil rights laws every day.

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  1. Salvatore Mantione
    Salvatore Mantione says:

    Bronson Methodist Hospital
    Kalamazoo MI
    Requires now to take Diversity Equity and Inclusion training by year end
    Implementation of diversity hiring
    Selling and promoting the wearing of t-shirts that support this cause in place of normal workplace uniforms
    Constantly posting DVI info on company intra net

  2. IT Guy
    IT Guy says:

    The same is happening on the University I work at. 6 years ago I was completely unaware of any of this nonsense happening. So I had no idea that I was walking right into the belly of the beast by accepting an IT position in the College of Education. Two years ago the Dean of The College of Ed made it his mission to hire based on diversity to force demographics to match that of the city the university is in (just the city, not the surrounding area). Since then there have been numerous hires, all women, mostly non-white. Like most, if not all, people here, I do not care what color / sex someone might be as long as they can do the job they are hired for. But to only seek candidates that match certain immutable characteristic to meet some sort of demographic quota is beyond ridiculous, it is racist/sexist and illegal. Not that legality seems to matter anymore.

    Then there are the diversity training sessions, i.e. public shaming of white people. We are told that because of our skin we have inherent privilege and must apologize for it. But not only that, we are told that because we have received this imagined privilege we are also complicit in racism, “implicit bias” / subconscious, etc. Basically, if you are white you are told you are racist, you aren’t allowed to say otherwise, and you must apologize. Thankfully, despite these diversity training sessions happening about once a month faculty/staff are only forced to attend one per year.

    Then there is the fact that, being a College of Education, they are teaching future teachers to incorporate CRT into their lesson plans. These students, being young and naive, are being indoctrinated into furthering the praxis of CRT. These future teachers then go on to teach CRT and it’s racist garbage in local/regional schools. I’m literally working inside one of the many indoctrination training centers in America and I feel I can’t do anything about it. The one thing I am, ironically, hopeful for is that this College is failing. Unless enrollment goes up, which at this point seems highly unlikely, the college is going to face incredibly hard times in the near future. Go woke go broke, as they say.

    With that being said my university, being a relatively minor one in the midwest, isn’t nearly as crazy as some I’ve heard. But this needs to be stopped. What I cannot understand is how they don’t see that this so called “anti-racist” agenda is actually, truly, full blown racist. It tells white people they are inherently evil, that they should not only apologize but they should flog themselves daily and offer up whatever they have to “oppressed” groups. Meanwhile, they are saying, though indirectly, that non-white people are inept, have no agency of their own, cannot meet set standards (ACT/SAT, or otherwise), and must rely on white people to lift them up (reparations, capitulation, etc). This is so insanely racist and evil, and yet it is being pushed by a state university and cheered on by the Deans/professors/staff of my College. It’s insane. I feel like I’m in some sort of dystopian movie and I’m afraid to see how this movie ends.

    • Winston_Smith
      Winston_Smith says:

      I relate completely. I am in the belly of the beast as well in the human services field. Thankfully I’m involved with several centrist organizations that have emerged to push back and to form a community for the few of us left who are still holding on to sanity in this dystopia! I am also in the Midwest and would be happy to connect sometime.


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