I had a bad experience with the Diversity police ar boeing.
I was surprised how most all global employee communications were about Diversity ie nonwhite or nonmale (female or transgender) company clubs, awards, months or recruitments.
This is an aerospace company! Why don’t we have a rocket club or a physics club? Instead only gay club, black club and women’s club.
I started replying with rhetorical questions to some of these Diversity communications.
One communication was please submit your suggestions on how to increase Diversity at boeing.
I replied easy fire all the white men, and dont hire any more.
My reply was forwarded to my nonwhite female boss who administered a warning not to say such things again.
I was put on a layoff list at this time but I found another job and quit before it happened.
My new employer had the same Diversity crap but I learned my lesson: dont commit career suicide by questioning Diversity orthodoxy.
Instead I just created a mail filter so anything with the word Diversity goes into my trash can.
That way Im not tempted to respond and get in trouble again.

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