I went through a local community training program that was supposed to assist low income disadvantaged people learn new marketable skills and then after completing the intensive learning program and passing I was told they would help provide contacts and assistance in connecting their graduates with employment opportunities within our community. Twenty five or so people of various colors and ethnicities graduated from this class. All the various ethnicities and colors were given lots of assistance and leads and written recommendations and they all were placed. I one of only less than 4 white people and also a Senior Citizen with some college and plenty of ability and one lady with some mental health issues were not given quite the same amount of assistance. No leads to local jobs, not letters of recommendation, no local contacts to businesses who would hire. It was extremely discouraging. I also was able to actually get a job with a local company at a salary $60,000.00 which I was qualified to receive on my own, but when I got my letter of employment it was later recinded, I found out later a much younger minority was given the job. Apparently if you’re white, low income, intelligent, capable, willing to work, and a Senior Citizen you are now not eligible to be hired. I have sent out over 300 job applications and get callbacks for interviews, sometimes more then one, but when they try to guess my age and realize I’m an older white person I’m overlooked and dismissed. Senior Citizens want to work, need to work, and are more then capable to work past perceived retirement age. Please stop agism against white Seniors just because we won’t help you fill some perceived quota of minorities needed to appear properly “woke”.

By the way I have personally know of two younger white students in other community assistance learning programs who also had similar experiences. Accepted into programs to confirm their diversity, but denied actual employment assistance after completion of the programs. They both felt their white heritage caused them to not receive the promised assistance their fellow minority students received.

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