Saw your segment on Greg Kelly, and seemed that yall may be interested in my unfortunate situation.

I worked for this Jimmy John’s a total of about 7 years under two different franchise owners- the last time, I’d worked all through the pandemic- had to cover many people’s hours, got several compliments.. had zero write ups, no warnings.. nothing- well the GM that hired me was also a Trump supporter & hadn’t learned until later bc I avoided politics in work place… she was fired- then replaced with a guy from another store who daily would mention he was a “gay black guy”.. he’d leave all the slicing for me to do on night shift, pour 40oz beers into a large soft drink cup when I’d come in and sit there drinking it. He kept trying to get me on Anything but never could, eventually he took me off the schedule; essentially laying me off. I just let it go, a few months later he had been fired as he nearly wrecked the store, firing about 14 people. Wondering what if anything could be done about this, more than the financial detriment- it made me pretty sad because how well I did and I worked there as a kid in highschool- cared for that store..

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