The SIU has classes funded by the US Military sealift command and has a training partnership with the Department of Labor (i.e. taxpayer expense). In the current MSC storekeeper course two black women (S—- and B—-) openly harassed a white woman veteran. They and two other black people spoke loudly and explicitly throughout class on the most filthy topics. C—-, a Marine combat vet asked the instructor (the union president’s grandson) to do something about it. When the instructor spoke to the class the women started screaming out “We’re being judged! We’re being judged!” the instructor said, “Nobody’s judging you. We’re all friends here.” On May 24th B—- exploded at the white woman during class time while standing in the middle of the room flailing her arms. She called the white woman “old ass whore, evil nag, fucking bitch, etc.” NOTHING was said or done about the outburst and B—- returned to her seat, continuing to talk loudly and across the room to other members of the class. After about 20 minutes the white woman started vomiting and her heart rate required an ambulance to be called. She has no pre existing conditions nor history of anxiety.

The chaos in the class and harassment grew bolder. The Black women bragged to the staff about B—-‘s outburst. Women in the admissions office would yell out “Good morning Miss B—-, how are you today?” across the parking lot. The white woman filed for a peace order with the St Mary’s county court. When the sheriff’s deputy showed up to serve the summons the educational director threatened the class that if the white woman went to court the class would be cancelled and everyone sent home. At the district court trial the black women’s excuse for the harassment was that the white woman “had become the aggressor by changing seats.” The white woman had to explain to the judge that she moved seats to see the power point better. The judge railed for at least five minutes on how awful the school is and he doesn’t see why anyone would go there. It was explained to him that the rules are not uniformly enforced on any measure. The assault which was allowed to take place was so egregious that the judge wants a witness in person. The new trial dates are July 5th and 11th. This sort of black on white harassment is normalized in the union and it’s expected that the union will try to ship out the one available witness. There are only 3 white people in the class, and the Marine combat veteran has an 86 year old mother and I’d deathly afraid of being cancelled.

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