Lee Edgcomb

In 2021, I was a W2 Financial Advisor client facing employee, aka “stock broker” for RBC. During the COVID remote working times, RBC added a DEI “learning module” which was mandatory. It was added to the other FINRA and bank regulatory modules which we must attend, but it was the first which had nothing to do with my job description.
It was the trigger for my resigning and going independent…and I am 72!
I not only feel it was inappropriate, I feel it was insidious.
My father was a bigot and hated blacks and Jews. I grew up with MLK and the civil rights movement; judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin” etc.
My children played in a color blind world. And now racism, actually reverse racism has returned in force.
“We know the truth, and you need to bend the knee.” That’s what BLM and ESG and The Great Reset all have in common. I will not comply.
The entire ESG philosophy is un-American and anti US constitutional rights. It is communist in it’s origins and desired outcome.

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