Tell the Salvation Army Hope Heals—DEI Divides

We need your help urging Commissioner Hodder to make a statement saying that DEI does NOT help people in poverty.
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What you need to know

For decades, the Salvation Army has provided millions with aid and hope. The Salvation Army helped tens of millions find and accomplish their dreams. Now, the Salvation Army leadership is teaching something very different.

They are internally teaching that America is racist, that their soldiers have “unconscious bias,” and that there is racism at every turn. The gamut of these teachings run through The Salvation Army’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs. Commissioner Hodder made it quite clear to Color Us United that the Army’s DEI programs are here to stay.

These divisive teachings do not give hope, but instead propel despair.

The Army has urged their members in the Central Territory to attend “unconscious bias” training as part of their DEI initiatives. Unconscious bias says that people have racist beliefs that they aren’t aware of. The Army has also hosted speakers like Dominique Gilliard who promote the idea that privilege is a consequence of sin. To make matters worse, the Army has a chief diversity officer on their payroll. These divisive and biblically unsound policies do not help a single poor child. They impede the very spirit of the Salvation Army.

We need Commissioner Hodder to make a statement saying that DEI does NOT help people in poverty.

Commissioner Hodder and The Salvation Army are well placed to take America from a divided nation to one that is proud of our kind, loving, and generous culture. After all, almost 80% of the worldwide Salvation Army budget comes from the kindhearted and incredibly generous Americans. Millions have volunteered for the Salvation Army.

That is the story that needs to be told. A message about the goodness in America will do more to uplift those in need than talk of racism. A positive message will unit this country and propel real racial harmony.

Please join us in urging Commissioner Hodder to unite Americans by abandoning DEI and testifying to the greatness of the American people and our country.