Has your workplace gone “woke”?

Is your company hiring and promoting based on “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion”?

Are you being asked to add “your pronouns” to your signature?

Are you being told “whiteness” is a privilege?

If you are concerned about your workplace being politicized, you are not alone. In fact, wayward woke companies have become a national problem. That is why Color Us United is hosting the 1st National Webfest for Employees Against Woke Workplaces. Chris Rufo, a renowned journalist who has exposed extremely questionable woke policies at companies like AmEx, Disney and others will speak. See below for the schedule of this 30 minute event.

At the end of the web presentation, we will discuss how employees can join this national movement. You will be able to take anonymous action that will ask CEOs to “Listen Down.” CEOs nationwide will be urged to stop listening to corporate suite executives and consultants. Rather, tens of thousands of employees will urge their CEOs to Listen Down the Corporate Ladder.

This movement all begins with our June 1st Webfest. You must join us if we are to stop divisive DEI/woke corporate policies.


6:00 PM EST Kenny Xu, President of Color Us United, welcomes attendees & introduces Chris Rufo
6:05 PM EST Chris Rufo explains that woke corporate policies are a national problem
6:15 PM EST Kenny Xu discusses Labor Day Listen Down—advising listeners how their voices can be heard
6:25 PM EST Audience Q&A


Please join us June 1, 2022, at 6 PM ET for this exciting nationwide discussion. All attendees identities will be kept strictly anonymous.


Kenny Xu

Kenny Xu

President and Primary Spokesman

He has challenged Harvard University for discrimination against Asian Americans, worked as the Director for Media Outreach against California Proposition 16 (race preferences) and written for national publications like City Journal, The Federalist, The Daily Signal and The Washington Examiner. He has been interviewed by The New York Times, NPR, the Epoch Times, Fox News and others. His first book An Inconvenient Minority on the Ivy League discrimination cases and the lasting consequences of the Left’s diversity ideology debuts July 2021. A second-generation Chinese American, Kenny lives in North Carolina.

Christopher Rufo

Senior fellow and director of the initiative on critical race theory at the Manhattan Institute

Mr. Christopher Rufo is a senior fellow and director of the initiative on critical race theory at the Manhattan Institute. He is also a contributing editor at City Journal where his writing explores a range of issues including critical race theory, homelessness, addiction, crime, and the decline of cities on America’s west coast. He has been featured across media and at political press conferences across the nation as an authority on wokeness and critical race theory in America’s institutions.


Color Us United is 501(c)3 non-profit which educates on the principles of colorblindness. We are a home for those who want to live in an America united in our individuality and freedoms. We will support those who fight for a united and free America. We are the voice of those who oppose dividing America by race, religion, sexual orientation or any other characteristic.