Was originally nominated for a company leadership program. Was passed over (explicitly told to me via phone call and not in writing) because the program was repurposed away from high performers to “meets expectations” performers that were any category but white males (women and minorities).

I Asked to participate in DEI but teams overwhelmingly female, minorities or LGBTQ+. Can’t even participate to understand what the groups are doing. For reference the first person I ever hired was female and I ensure diverse candidate sourcing. None of that matters unless you are loud, vocal, and extreme and disregard merit and performance.

Was informed bonuses are not based on objective performance, only in your improvement vs yourself (so I had to share bonus pool with lower performers).

HR told me that policies were in place because of differences that led to differences in wages; somehow instead of improving talent or changing behavior the solution is just to pay people who are less performant more money to “make up the difference” – why have I sacrificed so much to work hard and get ahead then? What’s the point?

I’ve usually been center on social issues in the past, tolerant, and open minded, but now I am shocked.

I see other being promoted while being discriminatory but they are a favored group, even if their performance is poor.

When recession is done I look forward to taking my talent to a different employer. One that rewards all employees. A white male can be married to a female and have both boys and girl children. This seems to be a lost point.

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