Joseph Galvin

I was wrongfully terminated from Verizon due to their woke policies & my union ( CWA) has been of no help either in saving my job from the companies tyrannical dictates of wokeness. The company manager ( a female) claims I said “ good morning sweet cheeks “ to her as I was passing by her on my company vehicle out of the parking lot. I was brought in for questioning by management & claimed I didn’t say it. There was one witness there at the time ( a fellow technician) that claimed he never heard me say it. The management & their newly found wokeness didn’t agree with the statements of my fellow employee & I and decided to go with the firing anyway. Once again no help from the CWA in their responses to Verizon to save my job, definitely feels like a hit job from both sides. This firing took place in August of 2020.
Verizon attempted to fire me also in June of 2018 ( they did fire me actually) but a letter from father almost 3 months in won my job back that my union took credit for. Putting me on a two year final warning from this firing in 18’ was part of their reason to find a way to get rid of me easily with a month left to serve on this final warning from 2018 and so they used it thinking this firing would hold weight. As of right now it still is holding some weight but my fight isn’t over.
I just got my final appeal letter from the CWA where they insist on keeping me fired. I will now turn to my attorney that I hired over a year ago and continue on with this wrongful termination placed on me by both Verizon & CWA.

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