Where I work they’ve raised the start pay for new hires to almost what is long timers make within a few cents. This company didn’t give us raises accordingly, but they can brag about how much better they did this year than last, giving us works horses only a pat on the back. They also raise money for LGBT issues and are always wanting to email us about equality over race and gender bent. Never about hard work and loyalty. There’s no equality in this company and you’re not comfortable about calling anyone out that’s not doing their job if they’re not white. This company will even pay your revel expenses to get to an abortion clinic. Millions and millions spent on woke trash instead of hard work and loyalty.

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  1. Virginia Reed
    Virginia Reed says:

    This country is in my dad’s words, “Going to **** in a hand basket. There have to be a lot of educated idiots in high places. God please save this country. We are destroying it


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