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Education – teacher – accused of being a racist, horrible “lies” as I was substituting for a class I have a Master’s Degree, certified many areas, Early Childhood Major. Black male student 6th grade horrible yelling obscenities during class over filled 30 or more students calling girl hispanic a “B…” “i am gonna punch you in the face” over and over “Screaming it” I sent him out to office not her and because of such was accused of being racist. Principal black, police officer for school black, etc… get the picture. At end of day boy I sent to office came by room I was in screaming at me beating hard on glass window “F…. B…” as he departed school building. I felt threatened and I was such. I lost my ability to work as they continued this with other “false” complaints as I was seeking fulltime employment substituting at time following a natural disaster. Sought legal assistance nothing they could do supposedly, sought reputation mangement firm, to no avail they cooked my goose I owe money for college loans, single mom, two children it impacted us so horribly – evil lurks within and there are many many racists, liberals in education I see it daily, I am conservative, pro family, God, country, good law abiding citizen hard working everything you’d want your child to experience role modeling not selling my political agenda nor my religion, but setting a high standard of values by example leading children to excel personnaly I love kids, education, and give my all to them.

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