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BASF has gone fully woke and stupid. They push “D&I” at the expense of safety and quality – a problem in an industry that deals with CHEMICALS. Once, in a meeting that focused on BLM, some of us had our cameras off. One of us (a black man) voiced concern that this new focus on race could result in unintended consequences. The woman running the video meeting (white) told him that he needed to reconsider his point of view because he could not possibly know what it is like to be black in a time when the George Floyd news was all over the airwaves. That’s when he turned on his camera and shocked the facilitator. He told her that she had no idea what it is like to be black, and then his video feed died. I guess they didn’t want his input. The company allows blacks and other minorities special treatment – transfers to jobs where they can’t possibly do the work (like the young black woman who complained of microagressions because it was her turn to be the scribe at a meeting – she said she was not a secretary, even though older white men had previously served as scribe). This woman has transferred all over the country as a plant asset manager. The places she goes matches where her husband goes (he’s a chaplain in the army and gets transferred a lot), and some of those places have no plants where she can manage physical assets. She gets promoted every few months while the rest of us are still waiting on our first promotion. The kicker is the man who was afraid to “come out” locally, so he had himself transferred to Portland, where he could dive into the transgender thing headfirst. BASF does not have a plant or an office anywhere near Portland, but because Portland is trans-friendly, they let him go, so now he is a she. The rest of us are supposed to be excited about this mental illness. This man needs HELP, but we are supposed to celebrate his path to physical and mental destruction. If we voice concern, we are viewed as homophobic. This crap makes me crazy. BASF no longer values hard work and family values. They are woke and truly turning to ****.

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