JoAnne Nelson

Luckily no longer work at Centene. Worked here as a temp until March 2022 when my remote position ended. This is a Fortune 25 company which receives billions from the federal government to administer Medicare/Medicaid. All employees are required to attend via Linked In a mandatory training called “How to be more inclusive” by Madecraft and Kelsey Bardfield. The presentation starts by identifying Ms. Bardfield’s gender pronouns then proceeds to refer to a document from Better Allyship with 50 potential privileges. This document lists being white, male, cisgender or born in the United States as potentially privileged.

On the company intranet called cnet, dated 1/20/22 in a portion entitled,”Our commitment to DEI”, 75% of Centene’s workforce are women, 64% of supervisor positions are held by women, 49% of employees identify as people of color, supervisor positions that identify as people of color 36%. This organization has been sued multiple times for discrimination but has not suffered any lasting damage (often the lawsuit is dropped).

My question is Why as taxpayers are we funding this? Are these fair hiring practices? How are they reporting these employment hiring statistics? I definitely think I had legal grounds for employment discrimination in hiring with these examples (as well as other interactions I had there) however I would have to appeal to the EEOC which is apparently openly funding this type of racial discrimination. I have not spoken out because the Federal Government is supporting this behavior with our tax dollars but I think taxpayers deserve to know what they are funding.

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